The idea that knowing the language of others,
is opening and enriching oneself and therefore improving one’s chances.

The idea today, that knowing the language of others,
is to take a small step towards peace.

The desire for this idea to become a reality
for most children.

The effectiveness of an intuitive and emotional method
adapted to each person’s abilities.

KOKORO means “heart”,

“or soul” in Japanese.


At the origin of KOKORO lingua,
is a dream.

The aim to make the discovery of foreign languages accessible to as many children as possible, sharing strong universal values.

KOKORO lingua uses a learning methodology that engages the heart mind, body and soul. Why should we only develop one area?

Our Values

Create a community with shared values, based on:

KOKORO lingua is above all a project of the heart, a project for life, for a better, more beautiful, brighter, warmer life. Learning from the heart can be as powerful as rational learning, because emotion is a source of memory and transformation.

KOKORO lingua is for everyone, everywhere, here and elsewhere, always, today and tomorrow.

Transformation is not just change: it is evolution. But an evolution that elevates us. Language is at the heart of this project but it is there as a form. It is fundamentally about the child, their relationship with others and their environment and the best way to enrich themselves through contact with them.

Men and Women of KOKORO lingua


Nathalie Lesselin

Passionate about international development and communication, Nathalie lived for 5 years in Japan, learning the language and communicating in Japanese daily. She proved her worth in large conglomerates (LVMH, Gucci), then demonstrated her ability to help with the transformation of a French start-up in the medical sector into the nationwide leader.
Her strong points are to come in with a new perspective, synthesise best practices and surround herself with experts to deliver a complete and relevant vision.
Mother of 2 boys, she is passionate about education and early language learning.
Founder of the association BIG BANG Generation, she initiated the project KOKORO lingua.
She leads KOKORO lingua with conviction, passion and above all strength. At the head of KOKORO lingua, she fixes the vision and objectives, defines the strategy and establishes a safe and efficient development plan.


KOKORO lingua is above all a team of volunteers, committed to the dissemination of the programme and its values. These people are involved in the creation of content, accompanying film shoots, organising presentations and events, helping to disseminate the program, seeking funding, selecting partners and managing the project to distribute free subscriptions. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us.
Our community is open to all of you who are an agent of change, passionate about childhood, openings to the world, education and/or foreign languages. Join us today!