A second language from Kindergarden to elementary school!




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  • 1 month access to free videos
  • 4 videos
  • For each video: Game activities you can do with your family to reinforce what you've learned.

language program
for kindergartens

$105 $299 equals $8.83 per month per class
  • 1 year access to the KOKORO Little school program
  • 11 videos
    1 bonus video
  • For each video: Kindergarten-appropriate games and activities to anchor what you've learned
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language program
for Primary School

$158 $399 equals $13.25 per month per class
  • 1 year access to the KOKORO Year 1 program
  • 28 videos
    8 bonus videos
  • Accompanying each video: Games and activities for the classroom to anchor what you've learned
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English in kindergarden and elementary: testimonials


The parents are enthusiastic. Our school has always been open to innovative projects. The strength of the Kokoro concept lies in its playful aspect. There is no pressure to perform, we don't require anything from the students except that they enjoy watching the videos.


The students are always excited when they see new videos from Kokoro. They enjoy setting up and preparing to speak English. The sessions are often viewed from different angles (objects, situations, or activities from the child's life), which is motivating for the students. The songs are also very popular. As a teacher, I am often surprised at how easy it is for them to remember phrases or vocabulary. After the unit on animals, the parents were impressed when the children could name so many animals!


It's great! The students are excited and ask if they can watch the video again. Teaching is fun again when you see the enthusiasm and joy in it.


We are very satisfied with this adventure. The sessions are really well structured: We appreciate the rhythm of the activities. It creates a pleasant routine for the children and for us. A school day is inevitably a day with Kokoro!

YES to a foreign language in my kindergarten or elementary class!

Let's talk about a demo over a coffee (15 min).

Discover the lively and intuitive way to learn to love foreign languages!

An intuitive method for the learning of a second language in kindergarten and elementary.

KOKORO lingua is a turnkey method to learn a new language – easy, fast, effective and … with fun!
In weekly videos averaging 12 minutes in length, native speakers talk to children about their everyday lives.
KOKORO lingua was developed by childcare experts and is based on Montessori principles and the Cambridge First program.
The program allows the acquisition of 250 words and phrases per year for Year 1 or Year 2 level.
After a few weeks, your students will speak with an excellent accent and enjoy learning 😃!

Do you teach children aged 3 to 8 (or even 8 to 9)?
Then you know the extraordinary potential of children at this age, which you also experience in everyday life. This ability to learn naturally and intuitively when conditions are optimal for them.
You may be expected to introduce a new foreign language to your students.
However, teaching a second language in your class can be complicated, both in terms of lesson development, lack of materials, and sometimes budget.
In addition, there is often a lack of time, and teaching a second language can take a back seat to other subjects that may be considered “more important.”

Teach a second language in your kindergarten and elementary with a simple method and games

Each week, new kindergarten and elementary classes join KOKORO lingua because it is :

SIMPLE: Everything is ready! We recommend establishing a learning ritual by showing kids the video three to four times a week via a web link. As a bonus, each video also comes with a learning sheet, resources, and printable exercises on the platform.

FAST: 2 minutes to set up and introduce the week’s topic, and you’re off and running with the 10-minute or so video.

EFFECTIVE: Evaluations have shown excellent results in comprehension, retention, and oral (re)production, as well as in the enjoyment associated with learning.

A MOMENT OF JOY: Without coercion or special expectations, foreign language lessons are a moment of joy and sharing with students, as testimonials show.

Photo from class – school in Mulhouse. Photo credits:   L’Alsace – Jean-François Frey

New language in kindergarten: An emotional program tailored for kindergarten

Hundreds of kindergarten classes have tested KOKORO lingua and found it to be good! But 36 videos in one year was a lot for little kids aged 3 to 5.

So, with our pedagogical team and teacher committee, we developed the “Little School” program for our toddlers, with a special selection from the easiest videos in the Year 1 program and with matching teaching materials.

Songs are well represented in this selection, as they have been proven to be an excellent tool for vocabulary memorization and child motivation.


A second language in elementary school!

Students benefit from a comprehensive program with 28 learning videos and 8 bonus videos on specific topics.

KOKORO lingua is the language learning method for elementary school and kindergarten, appreciated by teachers and children alike!