An innovation method:
by children, for children

From an early age, children show a real ease in learning languages. All research concludes that the absorbent mind period (up to 6-7 years of age) is most efficient in this area. But the development of appropriate tools is not keeping pace and individual and family financial resources are being tightened.

A tangible, simple and emotional way to open the doors to our children’s world

  • learning for children, by children, about childhood!
  • for 3 to 7-year olds
  • a simple and intuitive method
  • an entertaining and enjoyable learning approach
  • a 10-minute weekly video to watch 3 to 5 times a week
  • 500 words and expressions in 16 months
  • less than 10€ per month
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KOKORO lingua’s innovative teaching methodology received a Gold Medal at the Lépine International Paris 2018 Competition, for their distinctive and exclusive approach to peer language learning.


where children share their language with their peers, through the 10-minute lively and fun weekly videos, presented by native-speaking children.


which introduces the child to universal wisdom (meditation, brain gym…), through simple and reassuring activities.


which raises awareness of the beauty and diversity of the planet.

A truly innovative teaching methodology: a unique learning method for children.

Children are at the centre of this story as well as being the centre of their own story. It’s through sharing and intuition that children discover a new language. For the first time, from the age of 3, children share their native language with their peers, through weekly videos, accessible on a secure platform.

Currently followed by several thousand children in France, Switzerland and throughout the world (Romania, Mali, Brazil, Guyana), KOKORO lingua is the only online foreign language learning project designed for young children, which:

• allows children to learn, through videos, with children of their own age who speak a different language.

• prioritises positive and enriching emotions: joy, pleasure, well-being.

• advocates the Montessori method: a pedagogy that provides the healthy development of children.

Solidarity: with each subscription, an additional subscription is given to a family or school in need.

Reviews by children, parents, teachers and schools: