Thanks to Rainbow by KOKORO lingua, a lot of children join us everyday!

Before 8 years old, children have a huge potential to learn foreign languages

Learning a new language at the best age

Many studies have demonstrated that children have a huge potential to learn a new language before the age of 8 years. If these abilities are not activated, they will slowly turn off and it will be harder for the child to hear and pronounce every different sound of the language.

Today, being able to speak a foreign langage is fundamental for many jobs, and learning a language also develops our brain flexibility, allowing us to understand different ways of thinking and be open to other people.

How does it work?

  • You will watch one video per week of about 10 minutes through our secure platform.
  • Every video should be watched 3 times; this is important for a correct assimilation of the vocabulary and the accent!
  • Every session will include some games to be done together to assimilate the concepts learned while having fun.
  • All the videos will start with some  movements in order to help the child to focus.
  • In one year, the child will learn 250 words and expressions in French with a perfect accent thanks to the young native French teachers.

Rainbow by KOKORO lingua, until the 15th of April 2020


Testimonials about: children, parents and teachers

The pedagogical innovation KOKORO lingua was Gold Medalist at the Lepine Paris International contest in 2018 for its unique approach to learning foreign languages, by children for children.

Solidary approach : for every subscription, we will offer another one for free to a family or a school in need.


Does this method really work?

KOKORO lingua proposes to 3- to 8-year-old children an innovative language-teaching method, founded on the emotions. The program, studied over months by a linguist, neuroscientific and Montessori experts, follows the precise and structured pedagogical path of Cambridge First. Every week, a new video will be available on our secure system and we suggest that the children watch it at least 3 times per week in order to assimilate the vocabulary and the accent in the best way possible.

It is proven that after using KOKORO lingua for 12 months, children have learnt 250 words and expressions in French. It works only if the learning process is done with fun and joy, without any pressure.

Our innovative method was rewarded many times: Gold Medalist in 2018 at the Lépine International Paris Contest, supported by the French Education Minister JM. Blanquer and finalist in 2019 and 2020 at the BETT international awards in London alongside Lego and Microsoft.

How are the videos structured?

Every video starts with some movements and breath exercises in order to gain focus easily.

Then the KOKORO Kids present some new vocabulary, interact and play together talking about different topics. There are no translations, as they are not necessary because the learning process is done by imitation in an implicit and emotional way thanks to the KOKORO Kids.

Children are invited to repeat the words many times. You can encourage them but never force them to repeat.

All the videos end with a short relaxing moment.
After every video, KOKORO lingua sessions end with some game suggestions to be done all together in the family, with friends or at school… These games are useful to assimilate the vocabulary and the accent while having fun.

Who are the KOKORO kids?

The KOKORO Kids are the young children “actors” and everyone is a native French speaker. They come from different countries like: France, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium.

I don't want my children to be exposed to screens

Screens must be used carefully and for shorts moments.

Experts suggest avoiding screens before 3 years old and limiting them between 3 and 8 years old. The videos by the KOKORO Kids are never passive. Children are active and will move while imitating the KOKORO Kids.

My son already knows a few French words. Does this method suit him?

We suggest you to start our program from the beginning even if you already taught him some French words. The program follows a structured and precise pedagogical method and it is important to follow it in the correct order.

It will be the right moment to review and reinforce his confidence.

Is it a problem if I don't speak French?

Absolutely not! Just show to your child that the French language is important. Don’t hesitate if your accent is not correct! Play with your child and tell them that the correct accent comes from the KOKORO Kids. Your child will understand the difference.

How is your method related to Montessori?

Our pedagogical approach was elaborated with a multidisciplinary experts team made up also by Montessori educators. There is no pressure, the child will learn with their own rhythm.

The learning process is completed by the movements. KOKORO lingua supports the neuroscientific discoveries that show that emotion and intuition are two key factors in memorizing the vocabulary of a new language.

Can I use KOKORO lingua at school?

Of course! A lot of schools already use KOKORO lingua in their classes. There is a dedicated subscription for that. You will find all the information here:

Giving your child a new language is giving them a gift for life ❤️